Chris (c_raze16) wrote,

I have something to say...

I saw a video clip on myspace that really disturbed me. It was this woman in Kansas named Shirley Roper. She had the balls to show up outside of a soldier's funeral and protest. Now a protest is alright, until you do what she did. She brought religion into the matter. She states that "god is punishing us for all our sins by taking our suns away foolish enough to go to war." She also goes on saying God hates jews, muslims, gays, etc. So bitch if you focused on what the bible is really all about your ignorant Baptist ass would know that the christian god HATES NO ONE!!!!!!!!!! He might disapprove the actions we do, but he doesn't hate us. So use your fucking head read the bible correctly not the "wrath of God" way and get your head out of your fucking ass and you might learn a thing or two. First off if it wasn't for our troops we wouldn't have the freedoms we do and your bitch ass would not be able to speak the way you did. Personally I don't agree with the war or like Bush, but I'd never disrespect the troops of our nation in anyway shape or form. Two soldiers died that came from my hometown, one being a friend of mine, as well as, many friends that are over there still. Do they diserve that treatment and complete disrespect for over extra ignorant christians like you, Shirley? I think not because if your own son went over to iraq, if you even had kids you fucking witch, you'd most likely have a different attitude on the whole situation. Here's the link that's all I have to say...
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