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Well here's my once in a blue moon post on lj...

Wow it's so funny, back in high school I said I would never do what some of my friends did when they went to college or started a life beyond high school. That is not update at least a week and let everyone know what was up with the life of chris. It's funny how that turns around and you realize why you don't. Primarily because nothing really good or interesting has really happened to me out here in Cali. Yeah i have a job, but I'm not completely happy with what I do I got bills from a credit card, student loans, and Potsdam college breathing down my neck. Thankfully I just finished my debt with Johnny a few weeks ago, hopefully he got it and it didn't get lost in the mail. Now I just owe him a 30 dollar storage fee a month including this one which will be paid off and mailed hopefully by the 20th. I see everyone move on and be happy and I feel I'm at a stand still doing nothing I truly want to do. I know only I can change that, but I guess I just haven't found a reason to do anything other than work, eat, sleep, and deal with the family drama of 10 people in the same 4 bedroom apartment. I want my license and it keeps getting postponed for random shit. I want to go out and do stuff beyond this apartment, like make new friends, get to know people, maybe even a girlfriend so I can put the past behind me like all my ex's and crushes have done. I don't know, hopefully my life will make a beautiful 180 turn within the next 6 to 8 months who knows. Well until my next post in three months, toodles.
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