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Wow it's been a while...

Well lj folks I just wanted you all to know all is well out here in Cali. I finally got my license!!!!!!! Yay, now all I have to do is get my own vehicle and I'll be good to go. I need a truck or suv so I can be able to haul a small trailer without it looking really funny, like my old golf cart I used to have to drive at work that pulled three times it's own weight in a trailer. Hopefully I'll be done with hauling trash at the end of the month, and start my logical career in the culinary. So we'll see and I'll keep you posted over the next couple of weeks. Also as long as I get that vehicle before March everything will be peachy keen on me heading out for a road trip to see everyone I can along the way as well as get my stuff from new york. Well that's it for now friend, until next time, PEACE.
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