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The angel of Darkness

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26 July 1985
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I'm me and if you want to know anything ask.......

Your one and only,
Chris a.k.a. Chaz

"Your life determines your future, and your future determines your destiny."-Me

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action movies, adema, aim, all american rejects, america, art, avenged sevenfold, bass guitars, beach, biking, black, black birds, black eyeliner, black hair, black nail polish, blue, blue eyes, blue hair, books, boxing, bright red hair, california, cheese, cheese fries, clouds, colors, columbia, corvettes, count of monte cristo, creativity, crows, daggers, danger, darkness, dashboard confessional, disturbed, dragons, dreamcatchers, eliza dushku, emo, english, evanescence, eyebrow rings, fantasy, fire, fishnet shirts, flames, flaw, flying v's, france, french, french fries, full moon, garfield, god, godsmack, good charlotte, gothic chicks, goths, gravy, guns n' roses, hanging with friends, heavy metal, horror movies, hot rods, hot topic, individualism, j.r.r. tolkien, jack off jill, jay and silent bob, jeepers creepers, kittie, korn, lifehouse, linkin park, lions, lord of the rings, magazines, malls, metallica, mindless self indulgence, motorhead, mudvayne, mushroomhead, music, mxpx, my mind, native americans, new york, nickelback, orange hair, outdoors, p.o.d., papa roach, pepperoni, personality, photography, pictures, pizza, poetry, punching bags, rammstein, red, revenge, rocky horror picture show, san diego, science, self-inflicted pain, sevendust, shannon elisabeth, shopping, skys, smiles, snow, something corporate, spencer's, sports, staind, static-x, stephen king, sting rays, stone sour, stories, street racing, sunrises, sunsets, surprising people, switchblades, swords, system of a down, talena atfield, tantric, tattoo's, taz, the bible, the haunting, the subway, the yankees, thrillers, thundercats, tomahawks, tornadoes, trapt, trolleys, uniqueness, white tigers, within temptation, word stickers, working out, writing

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